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GazelleGames – is very well-known gaming tracker and it’s an usual dream of every gaming pirate out there. This tracker is known as it’s mostly called by the community (and most of us will agree) the ‘Paradise’ for gamers and game lovers. Once you gain access to this ‘sacred’ place of the gaming community (Invites are most of the time closed but Staff will open an application signup form from times to times and invites are hard but not impossible to find since user classes from Pro-Gamer and above can send invites), you will immediately realize that it’s almost impossible to not find anything you look for. / GazelleGames / GGn – is the best private tracker having a special gaming dedication. Besides the tons of gaming content you’ll find in there (and with the ‘tons’ i mean literally every single gaming platform you ever owned like NES, Game Boy, Atari to all the new ones like PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch etc. even Mac and mobile games), you will also come by to a huge quantity of E-Books, OST’s (Original game soundtracks), Tutorials and everything it might come to your mind all related to gaming.

Maintaining a ratio is not really hard as Freeleech opens most of the time for some specific torrents (a good way to start building a buffer) that users contribute from their Gold pouch (GGn’s bonus system) and also you’ll come across some 24hr Freeleech in random moments from GGn staff. The downside on that is that you probably going to need a Seedbox since all users are taking advantage of the auto-dl feature so you’ll find yourself behind when trying to grab those new torrents.

2 reviews for GazelleGames Invite

  1. ORDA

    Awesome and smooth transaction! Went above and beyond to get a fresh clean invite!

  2. MarilynTom

    Finally, I received my Invite. I can’t express in words that how much pleased I am. It is a wonderful service by TorrentInvites, and I liked it.

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