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JPopsuki – is a gazelle-based Asian music tracker for all kind of music such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and many more. They have a tons of lossless content and many CDs / DVDs Flac Asian music and movies, OSTs and bonus CDs etc.

JPopsuki.eu / JPopsuki 2.0 / JPOP – don’t have a seeding requirement or a hit and run rule but they have ratio watch. Ratio watch is a way of making sure that everyone contributes back to the site.

If you are a fan of Asian music and want to find a tracker where this type of music is available then JPopsuki is a right place for you to join. Speeds are very good and maintaining ratio is really really easy.

2 reviews for JPopsuki Invite

  1. Jordi

    Excellent all went well.

  2. Lee

    A++ Service

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