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CGPeers – is a private torrent tracker specializing in 3D / Visual Effects / Computer Graphics / Computer Art.

CGPeers.to / CGPeers / CGP – retains its aura with enormous statistics of about 300,000 users and 38,000 torrents. CGPeers is an eminent tracker where everyone should be; otherwise, it is like missing the last spaceship while leaving earth. CGPeers offers ultra-rare tutorials and programs, making it the best tracker for CG / VFX-based content.

18 reviews for CGPeers Invite

  1. DB014

    Yesterday I bought an Invite. The store owner was very friendly and responded quick every time i wrote they responded quickly. I got my invite really quick and it worked!
    If i want to buy something again i will go with them again.

    Big vouch

  2. falconidae

    Excellent service, purchase worked a treat. Thanks very much for offering this to all members.

  3. Example97

    Fast confirmation of my payment and instantly received the invite. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous

    Solid service! Invite received shortly after payment. Definitely recommended. Will also be returning as for other invites. Thank you!

  5. Anonymous

    I thought I was being deceived, but this store and my invite are legitimate. i’m happy about it 😋

  6. Camille

    Courteous, professional. Quick to reply, got all my invites within an hour. I would recommend and use it again.

  7. Anonymous

    Fast and quick delivery

  8. Anonymous

    Fast service despite me being on the other side of the world.

  9. Anonymous

    Was skeptical (as one should be) but the other comments are spot on! Quick and easy, got an email right away.

  10. Anonymous

    I wasn’t sure because it was the first time I tried this service, but now I’m happy, really guys… I’m very very happy, I had a person who answered all my questions, and who gave me confidence.

    I think I will use this service again.

  11. Junyeon Won

    Fast and reliable! 10/10 would come back here for more invitations.

  12. pieroaldi

    Flawless commerce. Everything was sent to the correct email, although you might have to check spam folders on some of them. I acquired all invites within 12 hours and had entire pedagogy on setting them up. Thanks for making it so effortless.

  13. Anonymous

    Fast delivery with excellent communication. It was an absolute pleasure doing business, and I will certainly come back for more additional invites.

  14. sandstone

    Extremely swift and painless. All of my compliments and recommendations are from the bottom of my heart. ❤️❤️

  15. dave

    the invitation came quickly, i had no problem, i will buy again in the future

  16. Davide

    A really great deal!
    Fast service and straight to the point!

  17. Anonymous

    Despite the difficult situation of the IP ban, he was responsible for helping. And he told me that whenever I encounter a problem let him know. I’m satisfied with customer service. That makes me feel safe. I recommend this service.

  18. John

    Very swift service, as always (on holiday, no less). I have no trouble placing an order, and I admire the service. I will continue to come back for additional invites soon.

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