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AvistaZ – is one of the best Asian trackers for Asian (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Thai etc.) stuff. Asian TV-Shows, movies and music are regularly uploaded there. Although the interface is in English, you won’t be able to find any English content on AvistaZ (maybe some English subtitles).

AvistaZ.to / AvistaZ / AsiaTorrents – got approximately 69,000 torrents all of which are either movies, TV shows or music. Contents are widespread from Full Blu-rays and DVDs to encodes of DVDs and TV. Most Full Blu-rays and Remuxes are Free-leech and uploaded contents are from ADC, M-Team, CHDBits, TTG, HDChina among others Chinese trackers. Due to the huge amount of Free-leech, double uploads and a generous bonus points system makes ratio maintaining super easy.

2 reviews for AvistaZ Invite

  1. ali hatami

    Fast, good service, and very helpful. Highly recommend.

  2. Anonymous

    Super fast delivery. The purchased item was received without any dilemma.

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