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BeyondHD Invite

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BeyondHD / Beyond-HD – is home of FraMeSToR you might have seen releases from this group on various trackers. BHD is one of the must have tracker, they are very much active about posting new content you will find 720p and 4K releases which they have recently introduced on their tracker and like old times you will be able to find Remuxes, 1080p, 3D and other releases from BHDStudio.

Beyond-HD.me / BeyondHD / BHD – have many TV Shows episodes being uploaded here on regular basis, you will find almost all the famous shows episodes here in 720p/1080HD quality. I have noticed they do have a category for music videos but I couldn’t find any music videos so you can say this tracker lacks in this category which isn’t a big problem because you’re getting Movies and TV Shows in good quality so no complaints.

Plex Server users, you can also create RSS link and configure with Sonarr and Radarr.

1 review for BeyondHD Invite

  1. adam7777

    Real tracker invite that’s non-trivial to get with a quick turnaround for the simple act of site participation. Pretty awesome.

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